Flat Head Syndrome Resources
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Resources in the Erie, Pennsylvania Area

Early Intervention
Early Intervention is a free service available to children with developmental delays and/or a medical diagnosis. (Plagiocephaly and torticollis are medical diagnoses, so this service is available to children who have one or both of these diagnoses.) You do not need a medical professional to refer you to Early Intervention, but if therapy service is recommended, a prescription from your child’s physician will be needed. If your child qualifies for services, the Early Intervention service providers in Erie County, the Achievement Center and the Dr. Gertrude A. Barber National Institute, have pediatric, physical and occupational therapists who can provide stretching and repositioning therapy. To refer your child to Early Intervention services in Erie, Pennsylvania contact Erie County Care Management at (814) 451-8400.

Shriners Hospitals for Children
Shriners Hospitals for Children in Erie provides free services for children needing certain kinds of orthopedic treatment. You do not need a medical professional to refer you to Shriners Hospital. If your child qualifies for services, Shriners Hospitals for Children treat many kinds of orthopedic problems that often cause, or are caused by Flat Head Syndrome. The Erie location is at 1645 West Eighth Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16505, (814) 875-8700. You can obtain an application online through the Shriners web site.

Presque Isle Orthopedic Laboratories
Presque Isle Orthopedic Laboratories provides orthotic helmet treatment. You cannot refer yourself for helmet treatment, it must be prescribed by your physician. Presque Isle Orthopedic Laboratories is located at 2440 West Eighth Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16505, (814) 838-0099.

Maya Wrap Baby CarriersMaya Wrap Baby Carriers
Kimberly Womak is a local distributer for a variety of slings and soft baby carriers. She will help you learn how to position your baby in the carrier. Kimberly can be contacted at klswomack@yahoo.com 1633 Biebel Ave. Erie, PA 16509, (814)864.1518.